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Standing out in a saturated market can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a marketing strategy. With a plethora of products and competitors in any industry, everyone wants to get ahead, but how do you stay a head above the rest? One of the biggest contributing factors to becoming a market leader is to have a modern, professional and consistent brand presence. Reflecting on our recent work with L&M surveys, we show how brands can use marketing to place themselves at the forefront of their sector. 

Shout About Your Success

According to marketing expert John C. Maxwell, “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

L&M Surveys are a market leading surveying company that provide services for consulting engineers, rail, government agencies & utility companies. Having lead the way in the UK land surveying sector for a number of years, they had forgone any marketing. Despite their rich history of modernisation and innovation, they had until now not broadcast the core of what has made L&M surveys special for so many years. 

Recognising the need to showcase their expertise, they called on Strive Digital to consolidate their services into a collection of cutting edge marketing materials. L&M had a new strategy for growth which required new talent, and an inspired sales team. So we, through a combination of our design, copywriting and photography expertise, designed a new company brochure for sales use and series of animated videos to entice potential new employees. We refined the brand further through photoshoots and materials which highlighted their commitment to the newest technology, and to the professional development of their staff. This all culminated in a website and online/offline marketing campaign we devised to promote the Survey Future Forum Event. Hosted at Glasgow Science Centre, it gathered over 150 survey industry innovators and cemented L&M Surveys place at the forefront of their sector.

Devise a Marketing Plan 

Success in today’s highly competitive market is characterised by one thing, making a positive impact on the minds of consumers through marketing. You need to meet the needs of your customer in a memorable way. To gain a competitive edge, your brand needs to project an image of value and profitability. Take industry leader Coca- Cola, they remain one of the strongest brands in the world because they convey eternal youth and happiness in their marketing.  Because they are clear on their message, ‘spend time with your friends with Coca-Cola’, they are able to change it over the course of time to draw in more customers e.g turning from a medicine into a social drink. Similarly, they continuously revise their tactics in order to capture greater market share e.g allowing subsidiary companies Fanta, Sprite etc. to stand outside of the shadow their parent brand. To become a market leader companies need to understand the currents of their industry and devise plans to conquer them.

Showcase Your Expertise

There is no better way to position yourself as an authority than to create content that’s of value to your customers. Write and publish high quality blogs on your website, share relevant updates and news on social media, provide free resources, host webinars/workshops etc. All of these actions allow your website to move beyond simply trying to sell something and to becoming a trusted informational hub. Actively posting content communicates your expertise, provides value to your ideal clients, engages conversion and increases your visibility. The marketing material Strive Digital designed for L&M Surveys allowed them to showcase their state of the art technology online and at industry events to promote their services and educate potential clients.

Create A Strong Brand 

In marketing one word can be the difference between being the market leader and being a part of the rest of the field. Dominating your market is all about name recognition, in our over-communicated society your ideal customer needs to be able to recall your business. Take top enterprise software companies,; they build strong brands and seize market share by honing their market efforts in on owning one word in the minds of their prospects, e.g  Salesforce owns ‘CRM’, Hubspot owns ‘inbound’, Zendesk owns ‘customer support.’ Word associations are a clever way of claiming space in your market. Once you have a word, all you need then is a content strategy that communicates your market positioning, and your on your way to becoming an industry leader.

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