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Strive Digital designer working at a computer designing a website for 'Bab's restaurant.

Good web design is the foundation of a successful website. A website is your brands most important digital marketing tool. It allows you to easily deliver your content, products and services to a wide audience. 

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, having a website in the current digital age is vital. Look at Blockbuster and Woolworths, these are to perfect examples of businesses that didn’t adapt to the digital age which sadly no longer exist in the UK.

So it is very important to adapt to what is happening for your business to thrive online.

Users are using more and more different ways of connecting with the internet. Mobile and tablet are now used more to browse websites than desktop computers.

Responsive web development

Responsive web design and development is a requirement for any website.

It essentially allows your website to scale to any device giving a better user experience as your website will be consistent across multiple platforms.

It will help grow your business. If you think of some of the websites that you might visit regularly; Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, John Lewis etc. All of these websites have one thought in mind, the visitor. Their goal is to deliver the best user experience as this will make it more likely for visitors to convert. People are spending a lot of time (and money) on these websites each day

Your customers will judge your brand based on how your website looks and its ease-of-use.

Our team work alongside you every step of the way from initial user group research, web design concepts, web build, testing and right through to your launch.

If you’re thinking about updating your existing site, we have the ability to take what you currently have and develop it to both function and look better, and ultimately increase your sales.

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