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Okay, so you have your new website, what’s next? It’s important to understand that a website is not a static entity, it requires continually updates and changes made to it throughout its life.

You may need to change a brand logo or make changes to your functionality, such as adding a discount code to your e-commerce site or adding new products.

As well as physical changes to a website, there are standard basic requirements that need to be provided and monitored such as domain renewal, password management, daily website backups and security updates, but don’t worry these are all handled within our web management services and can take the stress out of your hands.

Time is money as they say and reaction in the time from when you make a request for a change to Strive Digital actioning the change is important. That’s why we offer great website management packages, to reduce delays in the need for scoping and provide you with an agreed bank of hourly each month for changes and amendments you need for your website.

This could be designing a PDF in your brand, so people can download your business’s latest prices in your branded colours/logo/font to provide a sense of professionalism. Or, it could new contact form creation with bespoke requirement fields.

Our expert team also provide great management of your Google Analytics and will provide monthly reporting of Google Analytics to you in order for you to track, for example, the progress your website is doing in terms of visitors, specific goal completion and potential impact from any marketing campaigns.

Our packages include some great and unique services, that can help our clients be one-step ahead of the competition, for instance heat maps and user experience tracking, to help track how users of the website interact with the design. From the monthly analysis, you’ll be able to determine if small design changes or call to actions need to be moved/altered to help improve your customers experience when using the website, which all leads to improving conversions on your site.

Ever wondered why when searching for something online and you are presented will pages upon pages of results, how these pages are ordered? Well this comes down to search engine optimisation (SEO). As mentioned your website is not static, it needs continually service, this is the same for your SEO, by ensuring that your website is healthy and performs well for search engines, like Google, will help improve your search-ability online.

It is important to maintain ongoing search engine optimisation and our web management packages can help provide ongoing SEO support and maintenance, a dedicated account handler would monitor and review your website. By using the latest software to track and analyse your website search engine ranking performance, which would inform our developers of what SEO maintenance and corrections are required.

We would provide a monthly report and make proactive improvement recommendations to you help boost your website’s SEO.

Our website management services are designed to ensure that your website is working to its full potential for you and to give you peace in mind that it will be safe, secure and functioning correctly. Sound good? Then get in touch and see how we can help your existing website or be sure to take out a maintenance package with your new Strive Digital website.

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