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A screenshot of Loch Lomond Brewery's Facebook and Twitter accounts that are being used for a digital audit

Curious about your website’s health? Maybe you are wondering why you don’t appear in online searches? Or you want to know how your social media is performing for you? If these are questions you ask yourself, then a digital audit is what you need.

Our digital audit covers two areas of your business, your main website that functions as the gateway between you and your customers; and your social media presence, your outreach strategy and areas in which you can improve and may need assistance.

By using the latest software, our team of experts can provide an in-depth review of all technical issues and set up problems your website current contains. From this report, you’ll be able to see specifically which pages on your website are failing you and damaging your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization

SEO being the ability for search engines (like Google), being able to locate and provide users with your page(s) that their search relates to. If your website is poorly SEO optimised or is not effective due to damaging content issues or set up issues, then having a digital audit run is key to understanding what needs to be done to fix and resolve these issues.

This report will highlight broken or non-functioning elements within your website, so these can be repaired and in doing so improve your website’s credibility and reinsure users that they are dealing with a reputable business.

An additional service element that can be added to the digital audit is keyword research, this is a highly effective tool in ensuring that your copy on the page and behind the scenes (meta data) are both working to provide your website and business the highest profile online by targeting the keywords that are search for your industry and service.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important elements to get right, by having the right words within your website, when a potential customer searches for your product/service the keywords in your text are used by search engines to determine what it is your website offers. They then provide your website as one of the many results to that search.

By having the right terms in place, you’ll increase your ability to be one of top businesses in that person’s search, this also works in reverse, having no or the wrong keywords, your online searchability will be heavily reduced.

Social Media Review

Our experienced social team will review all of your business’s social media channels, to gauge the impact they are currently having and to determine how effective they are in showcasing your business activities and promoting your business website and services.

As part of the social media review we would compile recommendations and initial suggestions on improvements, but the option of a more in-depth strategic digital marketing plan and strategy can be drafted, to be adopted within your business, to help improve your online presence. Alternatively, Strive Digital can provide you a Social Media Management retainer to cover your ongoing community management and social media requirements.

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Digital Audit Summary

The vital aims of this audit are to have your website a) locatable by your customers when searching for keyword terms and b) ensuring that your website is functioning and providing the best user experience to your customers. Whilst, at the same time highlighting the various areas of your social media that Strive Digital can help to maximise your social outreach and impact.

A finely tuned and optimised website and digital strategy can be the difference in making your business a success.

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