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Strive Digital product photographer setting up candles in a photography studio for the perfect photography composition

The power of good product photography really cannot be overstated. It’s the image of an ice cold beer with water droplets running down the side of the glass as it glistens in the sun that makes you buy the product.

Great product photography and placement can drive sales, by making potential new customers believe that they need what you are selling them.

Put simply, the quality of your photography says a lot about your company and who you are. It can and should be a key part of your brand identity. A distinct visual look and feel of your photography can feed in to your overall recognisable brand. If done right and used as part of a strategic marketing plan, customers will be able to tell from an image that it belongs to your brand.

In today’s digital world, content is key, so in order to really bring your products to life you need a high quality images that will make your target audience look again and think, “I really want that” .

Photography is a compelling and visual way of communicating your message, like our product photography Mobros Candles and Kennett. At Strive Digital, we have an abundance of experience in producing all types of photography from food photography, product photography and professional headshots. We can also deliver lifestyle photography and location shoots as well as art directed shoots at our in-house photography studio. From cars to cocktails, furniture to fashion, we shoot it all in a way that will enhance your marketing strategy and better tell the story of your brand.

Here at Red, we understand that good photography will excite your customers and make a massive influence towards the way in which you are perceived. Which is why we are so passionate about creating the right visuals for your brand. No matter how good your camera is, your digital presence will look better when your photos are not only professionally shot, but professionally edited too. Our in-house editing team will go to great lengths to work their magic on your photos, skilfully editing and retouching the image to create fantastic visuals for your brand.

If you feel that your photography isn’t doing your products justice, call us today on 0141 375 1180 and lets talk about that potential and how we can realise it for you!

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