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Six Signs That it's Time for a Rebrand

In the life of a business there comes a time when a rebrand may be necessary. Change can be daunting, but it can also be a great way to breathe new life into your business. So, how do you know if your company needs a rebrand? Here are the top 6 signs that your branding is in need of an update.

If your brand identity is no longer up to par, reach out to our rebranding experts. Our team of skilled designers and creatives can help you at every stage of the project from initial planning to the relaunch.

In an ever-changing marketplace, sometimes you need to go back to the drawing board to grow. There are many benefits to changing your corporate identity which is why on average business rebrand once every 7- 10 years. If your business displays any of the signs below it could be an indicator that the time is right to rebrand.

  1. A change in direction 

There are many times when a rebrand is necessary. There could be a change in business ownership, a change to the positioning and brand promises of the company or maybe it’s time to explore internationalisation. When your business is changing its direction you need a rebrand that is modern, flexible and future proof. At Strive Digital we can enhance your brand in line with your ambitions.

  1. Your business has grown

Sometimes a rebrand can be a marker of a businesses evolution. All too often new businesses rush their branding, opting for whatever logo is cheapest because they are not yet confident in their progression. When the business grows they are then left with a brand that doesn’t align with their goals or their place within their market. If your brand no longer represents your development, then it could be time for a change. 

  1. Your image is outdated 

Are you ever embarrassed to give people your business card? If your logo feels outdated or your image no longer represents the products and services you offer, then it is time to modernise. A good brand and logo should evoke pride not shame. If your business card, website or marketing materials do not ‘spark joy’ for you, they will not keep the attention of your target audience.

  1. You want to appeal to a new audience 

Your brand should be primed to connect with your target audience. Trends come and go, but your image should always speak to the people you’re trying to reach. Different colours, fonts and designs appeal to different audiences, so if your customer base is older and want to tap into a millennial market you may want to make some adjustments. 

Rebranding, for this reason, can be tricky as you don’t want to alienate your existing audience in order to attract a new one, this is why you should always employ the help of a creative branding agency. Getting your branding strategy wrong can be costly but when it is done correctly a rebrand can enhance your business, generate new interest and increase sales. Keep your business moving forward with a professional rebrand.

  1. New products or services

Over time it’s normal for businesses to tweak their business models. Maybe it’s a change in prices or you have introduced a new product or service to stay profitable. In the pandemic, in order to survive, many businesses had to expand into new markets and adopt short term branding to do so. This lead to disjointed or outdated brand narratives that no longer appealed to their target audiences. Often businesses need to simplify and unify their branding to continue to grow. Increased complexity equals decreased effectiveness. As your business grows and evolves, your brand needs to be revisited to reflect these changes.

  1. The market is evolving 

A rebrand can help you stay competitive in a quickly evolving market. Businesses should strive not only to keep up with their competitors but stay at the cutting edge of their industry. Adapting to new trends can keep your brand relevant but you can run the risk of blending into the crowd. If your image strongly resembles that of your competition, a rebrand will help you better claim your space. Break out of the hivemind and put the spotlight on your business with a new logo or brand identity.

Keeping your brand current and relevant to your market is paramount. If you are considering rebranding your business or product, we can help you refresh your branding to reach new customers and re-engage existing ones. 

We’ll work with you to bring your brand to life strategically, digitally and creatively. Get in touch today to create the perfect brand for your business.

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