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Why Now is the Best Time for a Digital Audit

The country is on lockdown and the vast majority of businesses are either severely disrupted or have ceased trading altogether. However, it’s important to keep moving forward, and there’s a lot of work you can do to put your business in the best possible position when we return to normality. 

There is no getting away from the fact that many of our businesses and organisations have to change our spending habits and behaviours while the world deals with this pandemic, but a digital audit from Strive Digital is free of charge.

In this blog, we will outline exactly what a digital audit is, and why your organisation should consider one. 

What is a Digital Audit?

Remember the last time you went for an MOT? Or the last time you got a check-up at the GP? A digital audit is the same, but for your website and general online presence. We check everything is healthy and running properly, and if not, suggest what fixes and repairs can be made to get everything running optimally. 

A Strive Digital digital audit covers three vital things:

Website: We’ll make sure every element of your website is working properly, designed for the modern era in terms of look and functionality, and suggest improvements that could offer a tangible return on investment as well as a boost to your brand image.

Social Media: We all know by now that social media is an essential part of just about any business, but not all social activity is created equal. Our digital marketing team will have a look at your social feeds, and come up with a plan that will turn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and beyond into consistent earners. 

SEO: SEO is one of the most powerful digital tools available, and whatever business is at the top of the Google rankings has an incredible advantage over the competition. Having said that, it’s not an easy thing to achieve without the right help. Our SEO experts will have a look at your site and detail what changes/improvements need to be made to start climbing those rankings.

Why Now?

E-Commerce is King

The first reason as to why this is the perfect time for a digital audit, is that with everyone on lockdown, e-commerce is more important than ever. For the last twenty years or so, more and more money has been spent online, but with the current measures in place people no longer have the option of spending in a brick and mortar store.

So the question is, how ready is your website for online visitors? With traditional revenue streams increasingly under threat, you need to make sure that your online presence is reaching its full potential.

Be Ready for Normality

Secondly, when the current chaos eventually blows over, whether that’s in two months, three months, or six months, there is going to be an incredible amount of competition as every company in the UK starts a revitalised marketing push to try and get back to where they were before the outbreak. 

You want to get ahead of this curve, and be ready to go on day one. When life returns to normality, you don’t want to suffer a month-long delay while you have the necessary work done to your website to make it fit for purpose.

SEO Takes Time

SEO is an incredibly effective way of boosting your online profile with cost-effective returns that increase exponentially. However, one downside is that it takes time. Unless you want to break the rules and incur penalties from Google, it’s going to take 2-3 months for SEO to deliver a real return on investment. 

By starting SEO now, you can make sure that your website is starting to outrank the competition by the time COVID-19 has been defeated and spending patterns are starting to return to where they were before the outbreak. 

A digital audit will reveal what SEO work needs to be done on your website, and our expert team can help.

In short, your online presence is going to be key throughout the current pandemic, and the return to normality that follows. To make sure that your business has the best chance of weathering the coronavirus storm, and even making progress in the meantime, your company has to be in the best possible digital health. 

You wouldn’t feel confident driving a car that hadn’t been checked over by an expert in a few years, and your website shouldn’t be any different. Well, apart from the fact it can’t run off the road and kill you, but still… you get the point!

Get in touch for your FREE digital audit today and make sure you take full advantage of every benefit the internet has to offer for your company.

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