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What is a brand story, and why do you need one?

Modern marketing is all about telling and selling a story. Like consumers, every brand has or should have a story. Whether it’s a tale of price, customer service or vocation a good brand story is the heart of any great campaign. Here is how you can make yours your most valuable marketing tool.

What is a Brand Story?

So what exactly is a brand story and how do you find yours? Like a quality logo, mission statement or tagline, a brand story is a great way to breathe life into your business. Stories are how we connect and nurture relationships as human beings and as consumers. Your brand story shapes how customers view and interact with your business. Taking the time to hone and perfect it can help you capture their hearts, minds and loyalty.

How Do You Create a Brand Story?

Some brands find boiling their essence down into a single statement daunting, but all it really needs to be is the how, what and why of your business. Other stories can be told through your marketing, but the goal of your brand story should be to provide meaning and background to your products or services. 

Start by answering these three questions; What do you do? How do you do it? and Why do you do it? 

All three are important but it is the why that will be the essence of your brand story. It is the why that will endear your brand to customers and it’s the reason they will choose your business over your competitors. At Strive Digital, we can help you create and develop a brand identity that will last a lifetime. Get in touch today to shape your online and offline presence.

Why Do You Need a Brand Story?

The why aspect of your story can come from anywhere, but a good place to start is your company’s beginning. How did it all start? In order for consumers to form a personal connection with your brand, your brand story must be authentic, creative and or inspirational.

No two origin stories are the same, they offer an opportunity for you to be open and honest with your audience. The story doesn’t have to be perfect, the more passionate and raw it is the more likely you are to attract like minded and engaged customers. Here is what you should aim to inspire through your brand story.

Building Connection

Your origin story should be used to establish the emotional trajectory of your brand. Customers want to do business with companies they identify as trustworthy, by being honest about your beginnings you can create that connection.

Sharing where you came from, where you are going and what your vision is, shows customers that you are more than just a sales pitch. By taking the time to craft and promote your personality you will endear your brand to customers for the long haul.

Standing Out

Establishing these connections is how you will distinguish your brand from competitors. The way in which brands and consumers interact has changed in recent years. Customers no longer want to feel that they are being sold to. In an oversaturated market, brands need to develop a strong identity and consistent persona if they are to stand out.

This is where storytelling comes in; stories are more memorable than facts, they are made to be shared and to be recalled. Brand recall will give your business the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.

Once you’ve nailed your brand story now you need to shout it from the rooftops. Share your story with everyone, everywhere at any opportunity. You want to create an association between your brand and its story, so it is important to stay proactive and consistent. Our Social Media Team can help deliver your message and products to your target audience, helping you achieve your goals.

A narrative is created around your brand with or without your influence. Establishing a brand story early on gives you control of your identity and the personal connection customers form with your brand. When employed correctly it can be your greatest marketing tool, helping turn target customers into brand evangelists.

At Strive Digital, we bring brands to life strategically, digitally and creatively. We can help you stand out with our expert team of designers, developers and marketers. Get in touch today to find out more.

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