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Event Marketing has changed a great deal in the past few months. With physical events set to remain on hold for some time, businesses across all industries have turned to virtual meetups as a new way to connect, educate and sell. 

Here is why you should incorporate virtual events into your overall event strategy.

The changes brought about my COVID-19 have impacted all industries, but none more so than the event industry. Social distancing meant that brands could no longer rely on venue events to market or sell products, as such virtual events quickly became the ‘new normal’. 

With the possibilities of virtual events growing everyday many businesses now plan to retain virtual conferences even when in-person events return. More than 80 per cent of marketers already see themselves moving to more virtual events in the future. 

These statistics reflect the benefits going virtual can have for your business, both in cost and reach. As the marketing landscape changes here is how you use digital replacements to stay ahead of the curve.

Personalised events

Physical events generate excitement that is hard to replicate in an online environment. Conferences bring together like-minded people who have the resources to buy and are primed to do so. So how can virtual events create the same kind of buzz and marketing potential? 

Many online conferencing platforms now offer functionality to personalise events to your audience. Customers are more likely to attend and convert if the content is tailored to their interests. 

Attendees being able to choose the sessions that appeal to them is one of the major strengths of virtual events. Personalised content helps improve customer retention in a distracting online environment.

Innovative Features

In-person events are great for networking; recreate the magic of making connections online through innovative features like ‘chat roulette’ or a swipe function à la Tinder. Customers are more likely to attend your event if they can easily reach out to like-minded attendees. Similarly, providing and pinning high-quality content is a guaranteed way to get more participants. 

If attendees have access to resources that will help them in their day to day life, they are more likely to share it and encourage others to attend. In creating a stand out online experience, you may even go viral. Just don’t forget to market your event on social media and your website for maximum attendees. 

Do you need help marketing your virtual event? Tell us your story and let us make you stand out to your market.

Increased ROI

Virtual events cost less, both to plan and to execute – they do not require logistics, merchandise, venue hire, travel or hospitality. As a result the ROI can be significantly higher than it would be for offline events. 

The money you save can be used to make higher quality content (better keynote speakers, guest bloggers) or on increased marketing. Online events also take less time to plan and promote.  

With an average turn around of 2 weeks for a virtual event in comparison to 4 weeks for an in-person event, you will have the time and resources to host more events than ever before.

More Attendees

Online events aren’t only easier and cheaper for you, they are also much more convenient for your audience. With many people still working from home, online calls and conferences have become the norm, people already familiar with virtual meetups will therefore be more inclined to attend online events of interest. 

Without the need for travel or babysitters, people will find it easier to fit events into their busy schedules. The very nature of virtual events also means that they can attract attendees and host speakers from anywhere in the world.

Virtual events are not limited by geography, they can be hosted at any time from anywhere. This significantly expands your pool of prospects and potential content allowing you scale quickly and easily.

Virtual events are made to evolve with your business. With unlimited features and opportunities available at your fingertips, online events may have changed the future of the event industry forever.

To find out how your business can deliver excellent virtual events – and market them effectively, get in touch today. At Strive Digital, we can create content that will elevate your business and deliver your message to your target audience. 

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