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In 2020 LinkedIn has over 660 million members and 675 million monthly users. These statistics are impressive, but what is more impressive is that LinkedIn redirects almost four times more users to companies homepages than any other social network. 

It is a B2B goldmine and yet still many businesses do not use it to their advantage. Here is why you should be using LinkedIn to achieve your marketing goals.

LinkedIn Explained

LinkedIn has been established as a popular B2B networking channel for some time. It attracts B2B marketers because of its professional focus and tailored audience. It is unrivalled when it comes to industry connections, which is why it is the perfect asset for any business. 

LinkedIn’s true value lies in its ability to give businesses the option to join specific groups with certain characteristics so that they can connect with prospective clients or customers. Through a simple search, businesses can gather a list of possible groups and leads to connect with. 

In essence LinkedIn enables businesses to connect with the people that matter without having to sift through hundreds of connections. It can help your business reach its goals, whatever they may be.

Grow Your Reach

Success and growth for any business relies on a loyal customer base and a potential customer base. Luckily LinkedIn can help with both. Businesses can raise and develop their brand awareness through content, customer interaction and company updates while utilizing the advanced search feature  to identify their target audience. 

To be successful on LinkedIn you need a consistent output of high quality content and an efficient sales pipeline. It is important to note however that posting on LinkedIn is not the same as it is on all other social media. 

Native LinkedIn content should be shorter and easier to understand than blogs but longer and more specific than that of Facebook or Twitter. ‘Microblogs’ are a great way of attracting your target audience while providing value and insight to your existing connections.

A social marketing agency can help you find the tone of voice that is right for your business. At Strive Digital we build and shape the brand’s social media presence in line with their ambitions. Our talented team of designers, developers and marketers can deliver content to help position your company and connect with your audience.

Promote Your Business

LinkedIn has numerous features to help businesses find their ideal customers. With references, targeted searches, network suggestions, sales alerts and chatbots readily available (and new features being added every day) everything you need to grow and refine your audience is at your fingertips.

 A company page can be your greatest marketing tool, use it to promote your brand’s core values, improve the visibility of job opportunities, nurture leads and celebrate your customers. It is the community that you build on LinkedIn that will be the key to your success. 

Business owners, employees, customers and job candidates make up your community, so engage with them. Drive growth through meaningful conversations and appropriate hashtags. Interact with customers and other industry professionals for quicker growth and reach. 

Become a ‘Thought Leader’

Creating and publishing rich content that is of value to your customers and industry will help you become a ‘thought leader.’ Sharing the knowledge you have gained over the years can lend credibility to your brand, help with brand recall and drive people to your website. 

LinkedIn doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it should play a part of a wider digital marketing approach, so take inspiration from your website, blogs and daily life to curate posts that educate, inspire or influence your audience. 

Everything you do on social media contributes towards a perception. If you know what you want to be known for, you can use this strength to your advantage- shaping your actions and communications to point towards the desired interpretation. 

Our team of social media experts can help you influence what your customers think, feel and talk about and they’ll act and respond to your business. We offer a wide range of social media services tailored to your unique business requirements. For help growing or refining your social media presence get in touch today.

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