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A company’s logo is their greatest brand asset. Logos are a way for businesses to show and tell the world who they are and who they are for. This is a lot to communicate in a simple logo design, which is why some brands include hidden design elements to convey their company values. Here are some best hidden meaning logos that will make you look twice.

The best logos have depth in meaning, they fit seamlessly with your branding to convey a sense of your company values, pricing, quality, purpose and target market. At Strive Digital we work with you to shape your branding to attract your ideal customers and inspire loyalty for your business. Get in touch today to see how we can create, launch and showcase your brand.


LG’s logo is a prime example of ‘more than meets the eye’. At first glance the customer will see a friendly, inviting winking face that’s in keeping with their ‘family friendly’ persona, but on closer inspection they also uncover the letters ‘L’ and ‘G’. This typographic expression is a clever and creative way to build brand recognition while leaving a lasting impression on the customer.

LG logo

Tour de France 

A single glance at the Tour De France logo reveals a cool and creative font that brilliantly represents the fun, energetic energy of the event itself. A second glance however would give away the secret cyclist mapped out by the yellow sun and letters of ‘tour’.

Tour de France logo


Toyota’s logo is perhaps the most multi-layered car logo you will see on the market. On the one hand, the Toyota logo is a nod to the company’s past when they started out making weaving machines (look at it and you will see the eye of a needle with a thread passed through it.) However the other meaning to the logo is that the symbol includes every letter from the Toyota name. The two inner, perpendicular ellipses symbolize the merging of the hearts of customers and the company (also said to be the product). That mutual relationship is surrounded by the greater oval of technological progress and the whole market which embraces Toyota. Each oval has a different stroke thickness to reflect brush strokes in Japan’s calligraphy. Another claim is that the three ovals represent the three cultural aspects of the company: freedom, team spirit, and progress.

Toyota Logo

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is known for one thing, their range of incredible ice cream flavours. So what better way to communicate that than with a hidden easter egg in the logo itself. The bright, playful colours of the logo conceal a secret ‘31’ between the B and R that represents their 31 fantastic flavours. 

Baskin Robbins logo


The sleek H in Hyundai’s automobile logo stands primarily for the company’s name, however it is also a stylized silhouette of two individuals shaking hands. One represents the company and the other the customer. The handshake itself symbolises a relationship of trust and satisfaction, that the company aims to have with their audience.

Hyundai logo


The logo of Quicksilver, the surf and snowboarding brand, symbolises excellence and authenticity. The cresting wave and snow capped mountain come together perfectly to communicate the selling point of the brand. The unique design of the logo takes inspiration from The Great Waves Off Kanagawa, a famous wood print by Hokusai. The black and white logo acts as a stylized version of the famous artwork.

Quiksilver logo


Roxy is Quicksilver’s female clothing line. When launching into a new market they used a heart design for their logo that aimed to appeal to a female audience. The heart itself is creatively formed by rotating two Quicksilver logos, allowing them to stay true to the message of the original design.

Roxy logo


The social media app Pinterest allows users to find projects, images and recipes they like across the web and ‘pin’ them to online notice boards to view later. This unique feature is incorporated into their logo with the letter P in their logotype forming a pin board.

Pinterest logo


The primary mission of the charity Shelter is to end homelessness in Britain. They strive to put a ‘shelter’ over everyones head, a purpose that is clearly communicated in the charity’s logo. Hidden in the ‘H’ of the logo is the shape of a house showcasing their passion and determination in achieving their goal.

Shelter logo

British Heart Foundation

The logo for the British Heart Foundation is memorable for its red and white brand colours, along with the iconic ‘heart’ symbol of the organisation. On closer inspection however supporters can see that the lines of the heart continue to form a positive and healthy electrocardiogram reading, a design element that speaks to the heart of the charity’s message.

British Heart Foundation logo

As a business your logo is your public face. If you want to use it to express more than one message, hidden elements can be a clever and creative option. If you’re looking to hide a few easter eggs in your logo or stand out to your market, our team of design experts can help. We create and develop logos and brand identities that make an impression. Click here to start building your brand.

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