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Outsmarting The Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Adjusting to social media algorithm updates can be a pain, but they can benefit your business more than you think. The roll out of the recent Instagram update has left many questioning the future of their engagement. That said, Instagram remains to be one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world, and with new updates come new possibilities. All it takes to rise above the algorithm update is to understand it, so here is our guide to tackling Instagrams latest changes. 

Instagram algorithm updates are typically clouded in mystery but we’re here to crack the code so you can carry on converting. Since its purchase by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has been in a state of constant evolution with one end goal in mind; to provide the best user experience possible. Changes such as the removal of a chronological timeline and likes across America, seek to encourage the creation of authentic, relevant content that drives engagement and keeps people on the platform. 

Julian K.Gutman, the Product Lead of Instagram, said in a conference, Instagram in 2021 will be all about engagement, frequency, and communication. To tackle all three takes commitment and creativity. Luckily Instagram has also pushed out a number of new features and tools to encourage experimentation and innovative output. Here is how you can benefit from utilizing some of their more exciting updates.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories has been one of Instagram’s strongest features since its introduction in 2016. Attracting 500 million daily users, stories and live updates are imperative to any content strategy. However, like Instagram timeline posts, stories classify content based on interest. Stories with more interactions (likes, viewers, comments) will be given priority on the app. So the key to jumping the queue is to get your audience involved. With features such as polls, stickers, story shopping, augmented reality and face filters, there are lots of fun ways to encourage interaction. Use every tool at your disposal to turn followers into customers, and don’t forget to follow up, communication is the first step to conversion. Strike up a conversation with your more engaged followers, you never know where it may get you!


In 2021 Instagram has put focus on user retention, content which keeps users on the platform for longer is given precedence. Which is why content creators have switched to long form content and microblogging for increased engagement. With more space for captions, businesses are encouraged to create compelling posts instead of clickbait titles which direct users to a seperate landing page. Posts which educate, inform and entertain are favoured, so try to opt for tips, stories and even reuse website content to beat the algorithm. The goal is to spur a conversation and create a post worthy of saving and sharing. Grow your audience by setting your channel up as a industry leader.

Instagram Shop 

Instagram is intent on conquering e-commerce with its scheduled updates, so if you are in B2C and not already promoting your products on Instagram, now is the time. Instagram shop allows you to integrate your product catalog with your profile, so that you can promote products through posts, stories, explore and your own shop tab. The purpose is to allow users to shop your products without ever leaving the Instagram app. Complete with a shopping bag and ‘shop now’ button it’s a win-win for user retention and streamlining conversions.

There’s no denying that when used to its maximum potential Instagram can be an effective and powerful advertising tool. With the right guidance its potential is unrivaled, to benefit from a Social Media Team with years of experience in online market segmentation, multichannel content creation and online community management get in touch today. Strive Digital will work with you to produce engaging, exciting content tailored to your audience and what they want to see on their Instagram feed.

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