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5 Reasons to Invest in Social Media Marketing

Social Media… There is absolutely no way you haven’t heard of it yet?
Over the last few years it has completely changed the Internet and the way in which people go about their daily lives.
In fact it has changed the world; particularly the world of marketing.


So why should your business invest in Social Media?

Number 1: Showcase your brand

Social Media offers another marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building or driving new sales.

This should form a key part of an overall digital marketing strategy, that utilises all of the available digital tools to help your business become a success. You could also be using email marketing and pay per click (PPC)

Number 2: Develop a loyal community

Effective digital community management via social media allows your company to establish an emotional connection between your company and your prospects.

The bigger your online community gets, the more important it is to interact with them. You will likely have long term plans to grow your brand, and effective community management is a key part of successfully growing your brand and following.

Number 3: Enhance customer service

Your Social Media channels are a great source for feedback! Why not use Social Media to monitor your company performance and increase trust worthiness.

Don’t be scared to ask for feedback. If you think you have offered a great service, ask for a recommendation or testimonial which you can use on your website or in other forms of marketing material.

Number 4: Boost traffic & SEO rating

Social Media is a major source of leads and should result in high volume of visits to your website. Social Media channels can also help with your website’s SEO performance.

Learn more about SEO and website management.

Number 5: Cut Marketing costs

Managing Social media content can get pretty time consuming however Social media marketing is still much more affordable than traditional marketing formats like exhibitions or print advertising.

So how about leaving the Social Media management to Strive Digital?

With over 5 years experience in managing Social Media campaigns for some of the best brands in the UK and a talented team of digital marketers and creatives, Strive Digital are well placed to take on complete responsibility for your companies social media presence.

So get in touch with us – we are ready to get started today.

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