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How to use QR Codes to Bounce Back from COVID 19

During the pandemic businesses have had to adjust to a new normal. With cash handling, physical menus and tickets no longer an option, adapting to a touch free customer experience is the key to survival. The Government guidelines on contactless payments, digital menus and e-tickets has thus created a unique opportunity for digital players. This resurgence of QR codes is said to be part of a greater move towards contactless commerce, here is how you can use them to bounce back from Covid-19.

Consumer behaviour underwent a  transformation in the pandemic; cash lovers turned to digital payments, the older generation embraced Amazon and high street shoppers acknowledged the convenience of E-commerce. All of these changes invited innovation, so in the need for social distancing, businesses turned to contactless technologies built around QR codes. The use of QR codes for payments and tickets has quickly become an indispensable part of our contactless society. This is due to the fact that they are easy to implement and can be employed in many unique ways. Not only do they help with the safety of customers, they also provide significant opportunities for growth. 

Cashless Society 

In order to impede the virus transmission of cash, many brick and mortar stores are now only accepting card payments. This is seen to be part of a global move towards eliminating the use of cash entirely, Spain has recently announced plans to implement a cashless society and we have already seen a successful attempt in China. Cards and contactless are already used for more than half of payments in the UK, with that number set to rise as lockdown is further lifted. 

Covid-19 has inadvertently accelerated the global shift towards digital payments. This transition is made seamless by the fact that most smart phones now have a built in QR code reader, which makes it easier to pay at restaurants, markets or smaller stores. Small merchants can now offer touch free payments without the need for new equipment. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal’s QR feature were also found to be more secure than credit cards, by going touch free businesses can better protect the safety and security of their customers. 


As restaurants gradually open their doors to dine in service they have had to adapt their practices to create a safe and sterile environment. For many this included reduced tables, a limited menu and QR codes. Because physical menus are seen to be a health hazard, cafes and restaurants now place QR codes on tables and doors for customers to download a digital menu. This change creates a cleaner, safer experience while also allowing flexibility to the staff who can easily post updates on sold out items or reduced hours. 

Freestyle soda machines have also gone contactless. Coca-Cola dispensers now allow customers to hold their camera to the machines display which will auto scan a QR code and dispense their drink. These updates are slowly being rolled out to fast food restaurants across the country.

Covid 19 Tracing and Testing 

Additional uses for QR codes include containing the spread of Covid 19 itself. The TrackCovid QR based mobile app has already been highly effective in detecting and preventing new outbreaks. It works by creating an anonymous graph of interactions between groups in public places. Individuals can log contacts by hosting or joining a checkpoint, they are then given a QR code which others can use to join the checkpoint. This data can then be analyzed to identify possible virus transmission without infringing on an individuals privacy. Such initiatives have been popping up all over the globe to great success. In the UK QR codes are also being used at regional testing sites, visitors now require a QR code to gain entry.

QR codes offer infinite opportunities to make customers’ lives safer and more convenient. As a business the reassurance of your customers is your most valuable asset, thankfully QR codes and touch free technology are there to help you earn their confidence. 

Embracing digital spending is the best way to grow your business while keeping your customers safe. If you are searching for unique ways to innovate, get in touch today. With our clever, bold marketing and design we can help shape your brands on and offline presence to fit changes in consumer behaviour. Get in touch today to transform your business.

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