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How Non Profits Can Succeed on Social Media

For non profits social media marketing can seem like a lost cause. As organic reach falls in favour of paid ads, it can be hard to compete if you have a small team and a limited budget. But it isn’t impossible; most social platforms offer support and special features for eligible non profits and knowing how to use them can help you reach your goals. Here is how you can make a big impact with a limited budget on social media.

Social media allows businesses and individuals to share their message on a global and local level. For nonprofits seeking to affect change this kind of exposure is crucial, but standing out can often feel like an uphill battle if you have a lack of funding, time or resources.To overcome these challenges you need the right strategy and right tools to help you create the kind of meaningful connections and content that will drive your audience to engage and donate. With 3.6 billion people worldwide using social media, there is no shortage of opportunities to find people to fund your cause. Here is how you can set your non profit social media strategy up for success.

At Strive Digital we understand that social media is about sharing deliberate, meaningful content which educates and entertains your brand’s target market. If you need help getting the right message and visual to the right people at the right time, reach out today.

Interactive Content 

The first step to affecting change is education. If your audience isn’t aware of your cause they cannot advocate for it. Sharing your message as far and wide as possible is how you will garner support. To effectively spread the word about your mission you need to push out engaging, interactive content. The difference in interactive contact and standard posts or tweets, is that they require your audience to participate rather than passively observe. Interactive content can be anything from questions to polls to live streams. Businesses (profit or non profit) who use interactive content report an average click through rate of 50% and a form submission rate over 80%. Adding interactive content to your strategy will help you boost your engagement rates and therefore meet your goals sooner.

Build Communities

Once you have started to grow your base you can begin to recruit potential volunteers, advocates and guest speakers.The latest Facebook algorithm update has put a renewed interest in building communities via Facebook Groups, therefore moving advocates and mentors onto a fundraising channel can be a great way to garner support while maximising engagement. Groups and channels can be used as message boards where members share resources, educational content and organise events. The more loyal and informed your community is the greater impact your message will have.

Make it Easy to Donate

Adding a donation process to your social media channels is the best way to inspire action. Most social media channels offer special features and resources for non profits, including donation buttons and fundraising tools, to access these benefits you first have to enroll as a non profit business. Once this is done, donate buttons can be installed from the ‘Page’ section of your Facebook and Instagram profile. For platforms that do not have this feature (Twitter, Pinterest) you should add a call to action to your bio and to any relevant posts. By providing your audience with a clear and simple way to get involved, you may give them the nudge they need to make a donation or volunteer. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram also offer tools to help non profits achieve their goals, be sure to make use of their production resources, dedicated technical support and free training courses. 

Assess and Share Your Impact

To ensure that you are on track to meet your goals it is important that you regularly measure the effectiveness of your content. Always analyse and optimise your posts, as what might work for one non profit might not work for another. Most social media platforms now offer insights into your post performance which can be measured against Google Analytics for a deep dive into your audience’s behaviour. Once you have gathered momentum don’t forget to shout about it. Show people what they can accomplish when they bind together. By celebrating your victories (big or small) with your audience you are letting them know that their help makes a difference and they will be more inclined to support you again.

Some of the world’s leading non profits have used social media to great effect in their mission to make the world a better place, and your business is no different. All it takes to make a difference is a good campaign, a great cause and the right social media strategy. At Strive Digital we can make sure your content stands out with our bold and innovative marketing and design. If you are looking for a creative partner for your charity or non profit, we would love the chance to talk to you get in touch!

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