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We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Strive Digital service offering, the ‘DIY Package.’ A new Design It Yourself Branding Service for the client who wants full creative control.

The ‘Create Your Own’ Package

Take full control of your company’s branding project with the most highly customisable branding service on the market with our ‘DIY’ package.

Choose from the ‘Creative Director’ or ‘Senior Designer’ options which allow you to lead your creative project from the front. Who needs professional designers when you can just bring all the resources together yourself?

We will provide you with everything you need. Including your very own dedicated design desk in the studio as well as all the tools you need to successfully deliver a branding project. One that will allow your company to truly ‘Stand Out’ in your sector.

What’s Included?

With our ‘DIY Service’ you will have your own desktop Mac and full Adobe Creative Suite license. This will ensure you can produce the winning creative. You will be able to genuinely experience the design process. From discovery through to research, strategy and design development. The design world is your oyster!

A committee of 10 decision makers will be on hand to critique your work and provide feedback throughout the process. To help guide you to a successful project conclusion. Ensuring you’ll gain the authentic ‘Creative Director’ or ‘Senior Designer’ experience.

There will be no limit on design revisions. All in the name of authenticity. You will have to satisfy all 10 committee members with your design solution. So it’ll be time to get creative when it comes to our ‘DIY Service’ if you want to make the cut.

How Do I Get Involved?

Do you think your are up to the challenge? Get in touch if you want to realise your dream of being a designer.

N.B. Stay tuned for Brand Guidelines & Brand Roll-Out packages coming soon!

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