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Book cover design for Win Win At Business by Angela McKillop, which has just been published.

How to win at business

We will leave it up to Angela to explain that with her 7-step success formula for your business.

At Strive Digital, we love business, the business of making things look good while communicating a message successfully.

Standing Out in the Amazon Jungle

This was a fun project without a complicated brief. The client came to us as she knew its our mission to help businesses and products ‘Stand Out’, and that was exactly what this book cover design had to do for this book.

Being sold on Amazon, which has over 48.5 million books available for sale, we needed to make it catch buyers attention in such a huge jungle of business books (see what we did there).

We used a limited colour palette to make it striking and eye catching and created a visualisation of the 7 steps to success using 7 shrinking 7 sided (yes, we know that is a heptagon) stepped shapes. We considered the amazon user experience of seeing a list of small images of book covers and made sure that the design worked at such a small size. The information on the book cover was legible when seen at the small size that it is presented in Amazon search results. The bold clear text really does stand out when you glance at it amongst an array of other books.

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Book cover design for ebooks and printed versions

We are a team of creatives that work across all mediums, online and off and this little projects neatly summarises that as we produced the ebook and paperback book cover designs.


Having just launched, we are keen to follow the success of the book and Angela McKillop’s rise as a business coach.

If you have a product or service that you want to take to market or improve on current visibility of your business, please drop us a message.

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