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Facebook is the number one social media site for driving conversions. Facebook ads when optimized wisely can do wonders for businesses of all sizes. Leveraging their benefits can create business opportunities and deliver a strong ROI. Here is why Facebook advertising should be an integral part of your brand’s social media strategy. 

It’s effective

Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has become a significant part of people’s day to day lives. With 1.7 billion daily active users, Facebook is the hub of social advertising. The company has seen an increase in advertising revenue year after year because it offers a significant return on investment. When done right Facebook advertising can work for anyone, this is because a huge chunk of their 1.7 billion daily active users are also active buyers. A survey done by Marketing Dive found that 44% of consumers admitted that Facebook influences their shopping decisions, this figure increases to 80% for Gen Z shoppers. It’s not surprising then that businesses of all sizes invest in Facebook ads, according to 67% of social advertisers it is the platform where they see the most results. 

Many small businesses shy away from Facebook advertising because it seems daunting or they fear it will take a large part of their budget, but with a little help, Facebook ads can play a huge role in turning a browser into a buyer. Our Social Media Team are well versed in designing, segmenting and producing highly effective Facebook Ads. With our help you can be sure that you are getting the right message and visual to the right people at the right time. 

Highly Targeted

Facebook offers an abundance of targeting and retargeting options so that you can show your ads to only your target audience. On Ad Manager you can segment your audience by age, demographic, gender, location, behaviour, interests and even create lookalike audiences from your existing customers. If you want to retarget your customers with products that they have shown interest in, simply place a tracking pixel on the product page and tailor your ad accordingly. Ads can be run across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Stories in just a few clicks. Ads with high quality visuals almost always garner the best results, Facebook video ads on average generate 25% more views 480% more clicks and 270% more leads.

Visually Led

It takes only 2.6 seconds for a user’s eye to choose where to land on a webpage. Make sure it’s yourad that they see with eye-catching imagery. Social media platforms are driven by visuals and most first impressions are driven by design. At Strive Digital we create and develop designs and brand identities that will make an impression that lasts a lifetime. Get in touch today to ensure that your marketing stands out amongst the noise.

Increased Exposure

Facebook users check their newsfeed multiple times a day, so if your ads are fine tuned to your preferred audience you can ensure their repeated exposure to your marketing. Even if they don’t immediately click on your call to action this continued visibility helps build trust, brand awareness and future retargeting opportunities. The more ads that you run the more of a database you can build up of people who are interested in your products or services. While Facebook ads are brilliant for attracting new qualified leads  and pushing on the fence leads down the funnel, they are also great for customer engagement and brand recall. Work on building your Facebook community through chat bots, live video ads and targeting Facebook groups and you will soon  have a loyal, dedicated customer base.

Analyse and Optimize

Unlike other social platforms Facebook Business Manager takes the guesswork out of advertising. Facebook provides a comprehensive report and analysis on the performance of your ad campaigns. If something isn’t working or goes against community guidelines, Facebook makes it easy for you to analyse and optimize in real time. View and track your likes, engagement, reach, spend and conversions so can you better plan your social strategy.

Facebook advertising can help businesses small and large grow their brand awareness, sales and leads. While the platform is intuitive it is always best to work with an agency which specializes in Facebook ads to leverage its full potential. Get the maximum benefits out of Facebook advertising by teaming up with Strive Digital on your next campaign. We can be your experts in the field helping your business achieve its goals.

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