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Ringing in the new year means reflecting on your goals and objectives. If you have grand ambitions for your business in 2020, implementing small, sustainable resolutions now can set you up for success. All you need to start is a great marketing strategy, we’ve featured five digital marketing resolutions that will drive your success in the year ahead.

Invest in Content

In the post-Christmas lull, you may find that you have more time on your hands than usual. Take advantage of that time by getting ahead of the curve. Content is set to undergo a significant change in 2020, following Google’s 2019 algorithm update. 

The update saw an end to the precedence of keywords, favouring natural speech going forward. Google’s BERT system will align search results with voice search and conversational queries. Meaning colloquial and context-rich content is now integral to your business’ Google ranking. 

If you don’t have the time or manpower to transform your social and website content, investing in a content marketing agency matters now more than ever. At Strive Digital, our team of digital marketers can quickly create specialised, authentic content to put your business in a prime position for success in 2020.

Revamp Your Brand 

The new decade is the ideal time to rethink your brand. What perception are you giving your customers? Does it fit with the exciting future of your business? Your brand should feel like your own. If it doesn’t, now is the time to modernise. 

In today’s competitive market, building brand recognition is vital to earning customers trust. By aligning your logo, language, colours and tone you will build familiarity and positive associations that can lead to sales. If you want to unlock the potential of powerful branding, get in touch today to work with our talented and experienced pool of designers and developers. We are here to help you create a brand identity that lasts a lifetime.


Prepare now for busier times in the future. What are the aspects of yours and your colleagues day that take up the most time? Could any of this be automated? A lot of digital marketing practices are improved by automation, particularly when it comes to customer engagement. 

With your website and social media, customers and clients now expect unwavering service and 24/7 communication. Which is why 2020 is set to see a surge in the use of Chat Bots. Chat Bots are now largely undetectable with their improved functions and human-like qualities, they can capture leads, answer enquiries and secure bookings when you can’t. Investing in automation is the easiest way to innovate and close any gaps in the marketing funnel.

Act On What You Have Learned 

Reflecting on your process is key to growth. Use January to undercover what worked and what didn’t in 2019 in order to optimise. Gathering the performance data isn’t enough either, to improve you must act on it. Social media can be a great place to start, most platforms make data gathering easy so you can see exactly what your strengths are, so as to further invest in them. 

Video is set to see big gains in 2020, so if your video posts are drawing the most eyes now could be a good time to put money behind it. Don’t be afraid to get creative, the removal of likes on Instagram in 2020 leaves more room for brands to think outside the box to foster engagement. If you want to see where your social media could go in the new year, have a look at the social media and digital marketing services we offer. We can help ensure you deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time in 2020.

Build A Community 

Social media will see a shift toward communities in 2020. Building a smaller, more active followings is now the way to sustained engagement, particularly with the renewed emphasis on Facebook Groups. Therefore, crafting informative, relevant content is a great way to keep your core audience coming back. 

This isn’t confined to social media either, the new year can be a great time to rethink your approach with your customers. Get personal with your customers, with targeted email campaigns. With the plethora of data available to us, we can help you cut through the noise, to put out unique and customized emails and social media campaigns. 

Our email marketing is segmented by demographics and interests for maximized results. Use data to your advantage to build a loyal and engaged community in 2020.

Lastly, stick to your resolutions! Start today for greater success tomorrow. We wish you all the success in 2020, get in touch today to see how we can help you on your way!

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