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5 Creative Ways for Brands to use Instagram Reels

Launched in August 2020, Instagram Reels are the platform’s answer to the success of TikTok. Offering a new way to create and discover short-form video, Instagram Reels encourage brands to experiment with uncurated creativity. By moving away from aesthetically focused timelines, Reels allow businesses to connect with their audiences on a more personal level. Here are five creative ways your brand can leverage Instagrams latest feature in its marketing strategy.

Instagram Reels are a great way to engage with your community and reach a wider audience. As a relatively new feature, they offer a growth hack to any brand seeking to add variety to their content. Right now the Instagram algorithm is working hard to promote short-form video and as competition is still low so there’s a great chance your brand could be featured on the Reels tab with the right content. 

It’s important for brands to strike while the iron is hot when it comes to new features and social trends. At Strive Digital we can help you create content that elevates your business so you can deliver your message and products to your target audience. Get in touch today to stand out in noisy, competitive business environments with clever, bold marketing and design. Here are some of our best Instagram Reel ideas to jump-start your creative process. 

Introduce Yourself 

Now is a great time to introduce or re-introduce your brand to your audience. During Covid-19 consumer brand relationships permanently changed. It’s no longer enough for brands to have an aesthetically pleasing profile, to stay successful businesses now need to build trust and demonstrate value to their audience. Reels offer a unique opportunity for brands to tell their story and have it reach thousands of new followers on the Reels Explore Page. You can talk directly to the camera and put a face to the brand or edit old clips together, it’s up to you, just remember to keep it light and entertaining. 

Go Behind the Scenes

Your new and long term followers are sure to be curious about how your business operates. Reels can be used to pull back the curtain on product design or the day to day of office life. Going behind the scenes is a quick and effective way to build a relationship with your audience and personalise your brand. So next time you are packing an order, staging a photo shoot or creating a product take the time to film and post a few clips.

Sneak Peeks

Instagram Reels can be a great way to build excitement around a new product launch or business venture. In the days leading up to the launch post a series of countdown videos that highlight different features of the product or idea. A collection of quick clips will be enough to get people excited and talking, so when launch day comes around you already have an eager audience waiting. 

How To Videos

How to videos are a tried and true method of generating engaging content. They are easily personalised to your brand, informative and extremely shareable. Instagram Reels simply offer an easier, better way of implementing them. Film a few clips of how you create a product or provide a service, stick a song over it and you’re done. 

Before and After 

Before and after videos are a good way to highlight your product and increase engagement. The before scenario creates intrigue and after can be highly satisfying, so not only is it selling the benefits of your product it keeps the user watching for longer. Before and afters can be done for almost any service, think home renovations, makeup products, hair care, recipes and more. Share tips and tricks for using your product to convert your next customer. 

The recipe for the perfect reel is to create good content with a clear goal in mind. Whether that’s reaching a wider audience, providing value to your community or introducing your product, at Strive Media we can help you enhance your brand in line with your ambitions. 

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