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Design and build of a new website combined together two previous websites. We built the website as part of a plan to drive online bookings, backed up by a long term SEO plan and a supporting content marketing strategy.

The Normandy Hotel has fast become known as one of Scotland’s Best Tribute Event Venues and deservingly so. The Normandy Hotel has been at the forefront of tribute night hospitality, particularly over the past 5 years as the industry has continued to grow year upon year. Enabling them to become one of the biggest earners in the organised entertainment industry in the country.

However, The Normandy team faced a digital dilemma with a confusing web presence meaning that customers were not finding the information they needed or were left puzzled by the information they found. With two websites and two booking systems for events and hotel rooms, customers were often left confused over what the hotel was offering. Meaning that they were not providing current or prospective customers with the best online experience.

Tasked with identifying a trusted and technically capable web development and SEO partner, The Normandy Hotel reached out to us to fulfil the role.

The Normandy Hotel needed to simplify and streamline their websites and provide a far less complex user experience for their customers. The challenge they faced was to improve their online platform by tackling the series of issues it presented for customers.

The multiple domains and websites which they had at the time, made for an ineffective e-commerce design and architecture. Less is more was certainly the case for The Normandy, as their previous system meant losing credibility with Google due to 301 redirects not being in place to send customers to the right URL. There was also an issue of broken links and missing pages, leading to further confusion for users.

This combination of issues resulted in poor search engine optimisation, which was further reduced due to poor use of keywords to drive traffic. Meaning that The Normandy were losing out on key conversions due to an ineffective website design.

We designed a new website for The Normandy Hotel to provide a clean and intuitive website user experience for visitors. Call to actions were strategically positioned at key points throughout to encourage sales and ensure the user journey from landing page to booking was as seamless as possible. For both desktop and mobile visitors.

We also conducted keyword research and rewrote the copy throughout the website to incorporate our findings. The newly optimised website content enabled us to grow and continually improve The Normandy Hotel’s website's visibility and organic search ranking. This transformed their online performance and over the course of a year, The Normandy's website traffic boomed as it consistently ranked as the number one for most of its keywords.

We carried out site speed assessments, optimisation and image compression to ensure that The Normandy's improving traffic statistics are sustained. We continue to monitor, analyse and manage data and results, improving SEO where we can and adapting to changes in the market.


Our website redesign and social media campaign generated

A year on year increase in hotel bookings of 118%

As a result of our SEO strategy, within just 1 year between 2017 and 2018, The Normandy Hotel welcomed a 41.47% rise in online engagement and conversion of visitors in customers.

One of our biggest success was the increase of online room booking by +118% over that time period.

A fantastic success story that we continue to work on to better, month by month with further SEO and digital marketing tools and campaigns.

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