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We created the 'Babs brand, a restaurant serving Mediterranean and Levantine inspired charcoal-fired gourmet kebabs made using the best ethical and local Scottish seasonal produce.

Having launched one of the first independent burger joints in Glasgow and now the only one left standing after the big chains moved in, the team behind the very successful Bread Meats Bread restaurants wanted to launch a venture that had been in the planning for several years. When the time was right the team approached us to help bring the concept to life.

The main challenge in creating the ‘Babs (short for Kebabs) brand identity was to shake the bad reputation of a ‘dirty’ late night post pub/club fast food.

We spent a lot of time developing the brand identity, which we wanted to embody quality, authentic and informal dining in equal measure.

The final logo takes inspiration from the geometric art of the Middle East, and interprets it in to geometric elements on a skewer which looks both like pieces of meat and pieces of coal. The ‘A’ in the logo typeface replicated the shape of a clay oven, which is key in the kitchen for making the flatbreads.

We also designed and developed the new website which we wanted to use as a key tool in changing people's ideas about kebabs. The one page website with video and scrolling animation taking the user on an educating journey into the world of quality kebabs was designed and built on the Wordpress platform. The ‘Babs Glasgow team are able to easily change the website content themselves to update their menus online whenever they need to. With a very engaged social media following, we set up social media integration to pull through the ‘Babs Instagram feed.

To reward loyal customers the ‘Babs team asked us to design and produce loyalty cards that give their best customers a discount. This evolved to include Gift Cards which we also designed and managed the production and implementation in to the ‘Babs EPOS system.

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