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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. As a small business, you must continually think of new ways to get your products and services in front of people without breaking the bank.YouTube when used correctly can be a quick and cost-effective way to grow your audience. Here are the reasons why YouTube is a must for small businesses.

Grow your audience

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. It boasts 2 billion users with over 5 billion videos viewed daily, this is over one-third of all online activity. With that level of daily traffic, you are guaranteed to find your target audience. As long as your content educates, entertains or provides a solution to their problem, your channel is sure to be noticed. That said, with the 100s of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute you will want to avoid getting lost in the crowd. This is why you need to post with a strategy and purpose in mind. YouTube is owned by Google, so by following Google’s keyword best practices, you can make sure your videos are seen by the right people. YouTube can be a powerful medium to showcase your products, talents or services, when employed correctly you can gain valuable leads from your target audience.

At Strive Digital, we can help your business stand out in noisy newsfeeds with high-quality video content. Our years of experience in online market segmentation and omnichannel content creation makes us the perfect people to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch today to better connect with your target audience.

Promote your website

There are multiple ways businesses can use YouTube to promote their services. The most common of which is creating video ads. YouTube ads air between videos and can range from a few seconds to a few minutes long. This is a great option for bringing traffic to your website, as you only pay if the viewer clicks through to your landing page or watches more than 30 seconds of your ad. Alternatively, if you are providing an educational service you can monetize your videos by becoming a YouTube partner. This requires certain requirements (1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of Watch Time etc.) but can be a great added income. 

YouTube can also be utilized as a part of a greater marketing strategy for your business. If you are seeking to increase the authority of your website, backlinks from YouTube videos is a good place to start. With Google Universal Search blending together videos, images and local searches, Google now considers video to be as important as text-only pages. Creating high-quality videos that complement the content of your website will increase your website’s authority and allow your pages to rank higher in the search results. 

Better content

Whether it is informational videos, behind the scenes, training videos or product demonstrations, YouTube is an easy and effective way to grab the attention of your audience. The average user spends more than one hour a day watching videos, a large portion of this is afforded to product research. In most cases it is easier to watch a short video than to read a lengthy article, so why not use YouTubes huge audience to your advantage. The beauty of YouTube is that it offers endless potential to both small and big businesses. YouTube videos are consistently the most shared, seen and circulated content on the internet. With the right video, smaller businesses have just as much chance of going viral as a more recognised brand. 

Drive Sales

YouTube videos can be reposted and repurposed for your website and social media to help improve your overall content quality and customer engagement. Video campaigns are proven to generate a 33% increase in brand recall, with an overall increase in online sales. This is because high-quality videos are better for creativity and customer retention, which is why 93% of marketing professionals have implemented video into their marketing strategy. Being successful on YouTube requires time and effort but produces significant results, it allows you to enhance your marketing campaigns at a lower cost.

At Strive Digital, we can help you create deliberate, meaningful video content that educates and entertains your target market. Using YouTube for business increases your target audience and marketing abilities with no real cost to you. When utilized as a part of a greater marketing strategy it can be a valuable resource in growing your company and revenue streams. Get in touch today to get started!

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