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The 5 Brands Handling Lockdown Well - What We Can Learn From Them

In the face of a global pandemic it can be hard to know how to manage your marketing strategy accordingly. There is no one size fit all guide to navigating this unprecedented time in business and in life. However, in trying times industry leaders are sure to emerge.

Right now is a great time to reassess your priorities and figure out what the best response to the Coronavirus is for your business. Here is a list of the brands who are getting it right, right now.


Deliveroo quickly emerged as an industry leader with their ‘no-contact’ delivery policy. The update was announced via a personalised email sent out on behalf of founder Will Shu.

As the first in the UK to announce the initiative, it demonstrated the company’s commitment to reducing the spread of coronavirus and protecting their customers and staff before this became the norm.

Also, in an effort to support small businesses they also now offer customers a 10% discount on orders placed with local companies. Policies and innovations such as these are what will have a lasting positive impact for their brand once the pandemic passes.

Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger already have a great reputation for giving back to the community, and in the midst of the pandemic their contribution has been just as notable.

In handling the changing market, they choose to pursue a simple but impactful marketing strategy of highlighting the heroes of the COVID-19 outbreak; the NHS. To show their gratitude they have been offering NHS staff free hot drinks and 50% off their products.

On top of this, to reward and encourage customer loyalty they’ve now also published their secret recipes to allow customers to replicate their products at home.

Air BnB

During the Coronavirus outbreak, no businesses have been hit as hard as those in the travel industry. Travel businesses including hotels, airlines and live events have experienced an influx of cancellations and requests to postpone.

Recognising the concerns of those affected customers, Airbnb were quick to ease the stress of their customers by offering full refunds for all cancellations.

They have also helped users handle the lockdown blues by posting a series of unique online activities, that encourages users to experience different cultures from the comfort of their home.


Brewdog have used their in-house machinery to creatively boost their marketing while assisting with public health. Recognising the growing need for hand sanitizers, they committed to repurposing production lines to make sanitizers that they could donate in bulk to key workers and hospitals.

So far they have donated 50,000 ‘Punk Santisers’ and their daily behind the scenes updates have gathered a significant social media following. High end companies like Louis Vuitton have adopted similar initiatives but met criticism for excessive branding. With charitable contributions such as these we’ve learned that it’s best to let the action shine through.


Artists, creatives and other freelancers have been significantly impacted by Coronavirus outbreak. To offer their support, streaming giant Spotify launched the  COVID-19 Music Relief; a global fundraising campaign that aims to help musicians who are struggling with reduced revenue streams.

It also invites audience participation, as fans are encouraged to donate directly to their favourite artists and charities. These small changes work well to demonstrate Spotify’s commitment to preserving its creative community while helping to offset ongoing criticism for their regular artist compensation.

Your brand’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t need to be as overt as these industry leaders to make an impact. Any short term marketing campaigns should however reflect your brands ethics and aim to meet the changing needs of your customers.

If you need the help of a talented and experienced pool of marketers, designers and content creators get in touch today. We at Strive Digital can help you achieve your marketing objectives letting you stand out amongst the intense competition in these unprecedented times.

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