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Social Media Trends to Drive Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

2021 is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about new digital marketing trends. This year has been a transformative one for many businesses, and while the impact of COVID-19 is likely to continue into the new year, it is important for brands to equip themselves with a robust marketing strategy for 2021. Here are the marketing trends that are expected to drive the most impact in the new year, and how you can implement them into your marketing efforts.

In 2020 we saw drastic changes in the digital marketing landscape due to the pandemic, and while some of these trends are set to continue, next year is expected to bring a whole new set of rules. As the pandemic proved, being able to adapt to change is crucial to a brands survival and there is no better way to stay ahead of the curve than by educating yourself on the future of digital. According to experts and consumers these are the trends which businesses should aim to leverage and weave into their marketing strategy in the coming year. 

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Shoppable Posts 

To say that Ecommerce experienced a boom during the lockdown would be an understatement. Online purchases became a lifeline for store owners forced to close their doors, and consumers in need of essential goods. Shopping moved online as consumers of all ages embraced the convenience of instant payments and next day delivery. The most recent advancement to the shopping experience has been shoppable posts. Started by Instagram and adopted by YouTube and Facebook, shoppable posts allow users to shop products they see in social media simply by clicking on the post and completing the purchase at checkout. The popularity of shoppable posts has put an even bigger emphasis on convenience going into 2021. For businesses, that means reducing the number of obstacles between a customer and their product.With social commerce only set to grow, it will be the brands that can provide a seamless shopping experience that will succeed in the new year. 

Micro Influencers

As shoppable posts become the new norm, it will be the brands with the best visuals and best outreach that will come out on top. For consumers context matters just as much as the product itself i.e who is promoting it. In 2021, having popular influencers advertise your product on social media will no longer be as effective. This is partly due to credibility issues and partly because of the new influencer marketing guidelines on social media. As influencers are forced to act more like an ad agency, users will no longer be able to distinguish their content from other paid posts, and they will therefore lose their influence. The solution will be to target audiences on a micro level, both with micro influencers and on lesser known platforms. Relying on micro influencers with a small but relevant following will produce more results than macro level campaigns. Smaller social networks like TikTok or Pinterest will have the same advantages as advertisements will be more targeted, more personal and therefore more effective.

Conversational marketing

In the same vein, consumers are now more invested in supporting brands with social values that  are in line with their own. In 2021 brands need to exist in their customers eyes not only as a product manufacturer but also as an important entity. The smaller brands which survived 2021 did so because they were deemed as essential, their customers wanted them to live. This level of loyalty is achieved on two fronts; brands need to be socially involved and they need to have a relationship with their customers. There is an increasing need for brands to establish a two way conversation with consumers in order to connect with them on the issues which matter. Genuine engagement, personalized content and relationship building are the key to creating an infallible customer experience strategy. Leverage tools such as chatbots, live streaming and social media to show the human side of your brand. Social listening will also help you create a more honest, transparent relationship with your customers. This may take time and effort but it will pay off in the uncertainty 2021. 

Each year brings new trends and tactics, but at the centre is always the need to put consumers first. To do this successfully, you need to stay on top of changing trends that will affect consumer behaviour. Following our digital marketing predictions will help you prepare for whatever 2021 has in store. For a smarter, more personalised marketing strategy in the new year browse our range of social media and web services today.

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