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Image the Babs restaurant Glasgow website design by Strive Digital, against a gold background

We have launched a website for ‘Babs, as phase two of our project to make them one of the best independent concept restaurants in the Glasgow.

Having initially conceived the ‘Babs brand identity and helped them launch the restaurant to critical acclaim, we are now looking at expanding their digital presence to help grow the brand and reach new customers.

Who are ‘Babs?

‘Babs Glasgow as it is commonly known is the latest venture from the very successful team behind the Bread Meats Bread team. These guys blazed a trail through the Glasgow independent burger community, launching one of the first real quality burger joints in the city at the very start of the the burger revolution that we have seen in the past few years.

Having now cemented themselves as the king of gourmet burgers across Scotland with restaurants in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, the team wanted to bring to life a vision for a gourmet kebab restaurant, which they had named ‘Babs, shot for Kebabs.

The main challenge in creating the ‘Babs (short for Kebabs) brand identity was to shake the bad reputation of a ‘dirty’ late night post pub/club fast food. We spent a lot of time developing the brand identity, which we wanted to embody quality, authentic and informal dining in equal measure.

You can see the Babs project in full in our portfolio.

The Web Design Brief.

The ‘Babs brand is relaxed and informal, even though they are extremely busy, just like Breads Meats Bread, they don’t take table bookings. It’s not in your face, but there is a real sense of fun about the brand. They don’t take themselves too seriously, so we wanted there to be a soft playfulness about the new website.

The goal was to tread a line between being a quality purveyor of the best cuisine using the best local ingredients while also having that relaxed casual feel.

We didn’t want to have anything on there that didn’t add value to the website, and we wanted to make something that reflected the brands relaxed persona.

We believe that the websites users will be there for two reasons only, to see the food on offer and learn about the concept and cuisine.

With that in mind we opted for a single page website offering no barrier to the information we felt users will be looking for.

Website Design and Development.

Sometimes the best website design is the simplest design.

We had agreed on a single page website as there was only really one purpose of the website and a small range of keywords that we wanted the website to rank for.

In fact Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was not high up on the list of objectives, which was a refreshing change for us, as from a design perspective, we could produce a site that was design led rather than conversion led. That is not to say that we disregarded SEO altogether, as we still built a website that was fully optimised at the back end.

We decided to use video to get across the essence of the brand, so this became the hero panel at the top of the website. We designed the site to have defined full screen sections that the user jump scrolls to, allowing us to control the ‘story’ that we were telling, through a controlled user journey down the page.

Web Design service >

Our design process involves initial concept designs of a desktop version of the website. When we received sign off from the ‘Babs team we then produced the website design for mobile and tablet, so that the fully responsive website was visualised and signed off, before our developers built the website. The custom website build was done on the WordPress platform.


‘Babs are now using their website in digital marketing campaigns, pushing traffic to it that are interested in seeing their menu’s, in a strategy to increase custom.

The feedback from customers, new and old has been great. And as the brand grows, the website will act as a shop window for showcasing their dishes.

If you are looking for a website design company and wish to speak to someone about website design for your business, please give us a call on 0141 375 1180 or get in touch

Visit the ‘Babs website and see our work for yourself.

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