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Google Remarketing might be the missing link in your marketing strategy. It can help you convert more sales by presenting your product and services to them again and again after they have initially interacted with you on your website.

For millions of people across the world, Google is the internet. It’s what so many of us instinctively turn to when faced with a question which we don’t immediately know the answer to. Generating immense volumes of online traffic with 3.5 billion searches daily. That’s an awful lot of people searching to find out why the sky is blue or where their nearest 24 hour supermarket is…

Although, Google isn’t just there to help people find what they are searching for. It’s also a platform allowing others to be found, including your brand. It is for this reason that any brand striving to improve their Digital Marketing Strategy needs to consider Google as a vital marketing tool. A tool which can be hugely beneficial in boosting visibility, traffic, conversion and ultimately, brand awareness and identity.

Particularly when talking about the powers this browser has within Remarketing. Allow us to fill you in on the details!

What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is quite simply, a second chance at conversion. It is the strategy of observing consumer activity online, particularly on your website. Then using that information to (re)market products which they have shown interest in. Or based on their data use targeted campaigns to promote products which they are likely to be interested in. It’s intelligent marketing at it’s finest, taking advantage of the wealth of data the internet can gather for brands.

It centres around the traditional concept of showing customers what they want. Google Remarketing allows tailored Ads to pop up on the Google Display or Google Search Network for consumers to see. The intention being that the consumer will be reminded of the product they previously desired. Otherwise, be introduced to a product which they have never seen before, but is a great fit for them. Ideally followed with a few clicks and quick conversion, boosting those all important sales figures.

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How Do I Use Google Remarketing?

First thing’s first, you have to decide where your areas of improvement reside. Where are you losing conversion? Where do you have the most traffic but least engagement on your website? What products do you want to sell more of? Are there products you want your brand to be more recognised for?

There is an endless stream of objectives which you can have for your brand in Google Remarketing. This is why it is so important to streamline these objectives into just the key drivers. For example, maybe you want to improve the ratio between engagement with your website and sales. Tip the balance in your brand’s favour.

From this clear objective, you will find it far easier to decide which URL of your website you wish to target with Google Remarketing. As Google Remarketing targets an audience based on URLs. For example, if you are an electronics retailer and you want to boost the sales of wireless headphones. You can target the URLs of the product pages for wireless headphones. Then remarket these products to consumers who have already demonstrated an interest in them. Before you know it, consumers will have wireless headphone adverts popping up on their next Google search. Acting as a consistent reminder of the joy they could experience with a new set on their next commute. Easy peasy!

Once this decision has been made. You now have the locations for the placement of a single remarketing code on each page. This code is called a “run of site code” and can be encrypted to track very specific audiences. For example, consumers who have returned to the page 3 times or consumers who have spent more than 5 minutes on the page. Essentially customising the code to target those who seem genuinely interested. Otherwise Google Remarketing could be futile and who wants that?

Google will then follow those consumers throughout their online journey. Providing them with gentle reminders of your brand and increasing exposure.

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What Are the Benefits of Google Remarketing for My Brand?

Provided that your brand utilises Google Remarketing optimally. Ensuring that you focus your campaign through explicit objectives to guide the strategy. There are many rewards which can be accumulated through Google Remarketing. These go beyond simply increasing sales!  

Perhaps the most prominent of benefits being for your brand identity. Google Remarketing can help foster positive brand associations. As you are simplifying the information search stage of their purchasing journey. Instead of having to search through various alternatives, you are presenting them with the best choice right off the bat. Therefore, not only will they associate your brand with the great product they have ultimately bought. They will associate you with a strong brand, an easy and seamless service and feeling valued as a customer.

Google Remarketing is a fantastic tool to capture your target audience exactly where they are going to be. This strategy isn’t a stab in the dark. It’s data-driven and intelligence-based to ensure that the right people are being targeted.

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