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Five ways to make the 2020 Twitter algorithm work for you

Understanding how social media algorithms work is the key to making it work for you. How and when you post can heavily impact your brands reach and influence. Twitter’s algorithm is ever-changing but with a few tips and tricks you can use it to your advantage. 

In this blog we’ll explain what changed, and how you can take advantage of the algorithm.

What Changed?

When Twitter first launched in 2006 it followed a simple timeline structure, and content was presented in reverse chronological order. In 2015 in an attempt to ‘improve’ user experience, they introduced an algorithm which would show users the tweets it thinks they want to see first. 

Posts would be ranked according to their relevance, with priority given to the content that the user is likely to engage with. This meant that posts that didn’t fall under Twitter’s ranking signals could be left unnoticed. 

Since this change, there have been a number of tweaks, but what remains true is that as a brand you need to optimize your tweets to make sure they are picked up by the algorithm and seen by the right people. 

The latest Twitter update focuses on personalization, content is sorted based on recency, relevance, engagement and media quality. Users can now toggle between two timelines; top tweets and latest tweets depending on their preferences. 

Ultimately, however, the algorithm is unavoidable. From the ‘In Case You Missed It’ feature to the ‘For You’ search, users’ timelines remain heavily curated. Here is how you can help your posts land a little higher on the Twitter timeline. 


Success on Twitter requires commitment. It’s not enough to log on and post once a day, your brand needs to maintain an active presence to stay on Twitter’s radar. According to the Twitter blog “the more often you tweet, the more likely your audience will see and engage with your content.” The more often people engage, the more likely Twitter’s algorithm is to share your tweets with them in the future. It’s that simple. 

Set time aside each day to post, like, favourite and share posts of relevance. The easiest way to ensure consistency is to create a monthly or yearly publishing calendar. At Strive Digital we can deliver a targeted, creative social media marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch today to learn more.


Getting your followers to engage with your posts is all about building a relationship with them. Encourage engagement by asking; ask questions, ask for feedback and ask them to retweet, this will help start the conversation. 

After this be sure to return the favour; retweet relevant posts, respond to questions, hold a give away or host an ask me anything. Your Twitter feed shouldn’t be a one way conversation, it is important to show appreciation. 

A study by Pew Research Centre found that the most active accounts have 70 times more favourites and 20 times more followers than the average account. So your hard work is sure to pay off.


Knowing when the best times are to post can be tricky as it depends on your audience. While 11-1pm is the overall norm, it is best to conduct a manual review of your performance analytics to understand when your followers are most likely to engage. 

Alternatively, you can experiment with posting times using scheduling tools such as Hootesuite or Sprout which can highlight when your followers are most active. 

Experimenting with various types of content is also beneficial, videos are often the most retweeted content but it worth testing out polls, threads and promoted posts to uncover what works best with your audience. 

Hashtags and trending topics

Finding success on Twitter means being part of the conversation. Try to look for trends and topics that tie into your industry and lead or contribute to the discussion. Provide information or content of value and you may find your brand at the heart of a ‘twitter moment.’ 

Branded hashtags can aso be effective when used appropriately, if they are memorable enough your followers can even use them to keep tabs on your posts. Encourage your audience to add them when tweeting at or about you to raise your public profile.

Re-use your top posts

On Twitter, it is generally accepted that brands will repurpose content. Posting at peak times means that your post may get lost in the noise and your followers may have missed your tweet. 

Repacking and reposting content will help it spread further and wider. Reposting your top-performing tweets can also work wonders, if it performed well the first time it is likely that it will again. Try out different taglines and images to maximise performance.

How We Can Help

As we have learned the Twitter algorithm is constantly updating, Deepak Rao the product manager of the Twitter timeline stated that they run dozens of tests on the timeline every month “our algorithm changes on an almost daily to weekly basis.” 

That said, one factor stays constant; Twitters preference for high quality content and engagement. If you want a digital partner that can help your business stand out in a noisy, competitive social media environment, get in touch today. 

Our clever, bold marketing and design can enhance your brand in line with your ambitions.

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