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Maximising your brands exposure

As the 3rd most visited website in the world, welcoming over 2.2 billion users to their newsfeed each and every day; it is no wonder that Facebook has established itself as an immensely powerful business marketing tool. Providing access to a global network of consumers for thousands of brands.

However, simply posting content on Facebook is no longer enough to attract and retain your target audience. Especially for smaller and medium-sized brands. The average Facebook visit lasting between 10 and 12 minutes. So, brands have a tiny window of time to capture their target audience’s attention. Alongside the thousands of others competing to do the exact same thing. So, how do you ensure your brand and products are being seen by and attracting the right people?

Say hello to Facebook Remarketing!

What is Facebook Remarketing?

You may never have heard the term ‘Facebook Remarketing’ before now. However, we guarantee that you’ve encountered this intelligent social media marketing strategy before in your daily life. Have you ever been doing a spot of online window shopping, only to find that the next time you are scrolling through your newsfeed those very products you just lusted over pop up in the next Facebook ad? That’s a case of effective Facebook Remarketing!

The method centers around targeting consumers who have a pre-existing knowledge of or affiliation with your brand. As opposed to starting from scratch, and ultimately encourage them to re-visit, re-engage with and ultimately purchase from you. It is unanimously agreed that customer retention is far more economical and brand-enriching than customer acquisition. Meaning it is the most profitable root for sustained success! Well, Facebook Remarketing aims to facilitate exactly that.

Who can I capture with Facebook Remarketing?

There are several audiences which you can target and segment with Facebook Remarketing. As this Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy takes into consideration the value of consumer profiling. It takes into consideration your brand’s warm leads and targets others who are similar. As these similar consumers are likely to show interest in the brand too.

Firstly, the most commonly targeted audience for Facebook Remarketing are the brand’s warm leads. So the consumers who have not quite followed through with a purchase. Through data capturing and segmentation Facebook effectively follow these non-committal consumers in their social media surfing. Then publishes advertisements offering these consumers a second chance to buy and the brand a second chance to convert. These advertisements are tailored to each individual and what they have demonstrated interest in. This fosters positive brand associations, as the consumer feels like their custom is highly valued by the brand.

What’s more, Facebook Remarketing consistently captures data to form an understanding of the type of person a brand’s customers are. Taking into consideration their interests and targeting others who have similar interests on Facebook. The rationale being that the more similar two consumers are, the more likely they are to have similar purchasing behaviour. Simple, right?

This stalker behaviour doesn’t quite stop there. As Facebook Remarketing has the ability to track a person’s movements on website pages and tailor advertisements based on this. They don’t even need consumers to add anything to their basket at this point! For example, if a consumer has been looking at a particular coat by a fashion retailer. Then Facebook can capture this data and exploit it in their targeted campaigns. Ensuring the coat appears on the consumer’s feed. Ultimately reminding them of how much they liked the product and encouraging a second viewing. Or even better, conversion.

How do I do Facebook Remarketing?

In order for Facebook to capture your consumers’ information, it needs access to your website’s data. This is done through the installation of Facebook Pixel on to each web page you want to extract information from. So, a level of customisation is available with your Facebook Remarketing strategy. As you don’t need to apply it to every single page of your website. For example, you may not have a particular interest in promoting your most popular products. So, you can ensure your Facebook Remarketing concentrates on your lesser purchased products.

Once this Facebook Pixel is installed, you can introduce different coding to your targeted Facebook Campaigns. This includes the data being captured by the Pixel and the site basically does the rest.

Strive Digital’s Social Media Marketing Service

Why is Facebook Remarketing good for my brand?

We all deserve a second chance in life, and this rule applies to marketers. Facebook Remarketing essentially grants brands another crack at the whip of converting consumers into customers. It’s the intelligently targeted marketing strategy which is becoming increasingly crucial. Particularly for any brand wanting to increase web traffic, conversion rates, brand awareness or maintain consumer relationships in 2019.

Get on board with Facebook Remarketing, and really make the most out of your social media marketing strategy this year!

Latest on Remarketing

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and remarketing is no exception to this rule. However, the latest update in the remarketing world is one which is more restrictive than helping.

The latest Safari web browser update and new cookie policy means that third party cookies will expire after 24 hours. This means that brands can not continue to track consumer movements of safari users beyond a day of the consumer engaging with their website.

This can impact marketers as if users are not able to authorise cookies to track them, then marketers cannot gain access to vital consumer information. The information which very often direct marketing strategy and of course, remarketing efforts. However, it’s important to point out that third party cookies are not the only way of tracking consumers online. Flash cookies and device fingerprinting are all part of consumer tracking, and will continue to be usable by marketers even with this update.

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