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E-Commerce : Attaining and Retaining Success

Covid 19 triggered a dramatic shift in consumer behaviour. Online channels soared and E- commerce suddenly became a reality for millions of businesses. The outbreak brought a new audience online that remained even as physical stores reopened. However countless remain about the business landscape ahead. Can E-commerce win the customer acquisition and retention acquisition battle? Is consumer behaviour forever changed? While we can’t be sure of the future, there are some things E-commerce businesses can do right now to ensure their continued success.

Disruption in commerce is not new, but the ever changing, unpredictable environment created by Covid 19 has left many businesses uncertain of their future. As a result, many have put their E-commerce efforts into overdrive. Consumers in turn have become accustomed to buying more online, a trend that quickly becomes a habit. Even with brick and mortar stores reopening, the boost to E-commerce is forecast to 2025. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to redefine their “business as usual.” 

At Strive Digital we can help make E commerce your priority. Setting up or improving your online store is good not only for surviving in the short-term but also for investing in long-term success.  Having an experienced digital partner to help with your web design and development is crucial.  We can create beautiful and simple to navigate websites and social media channels that have users returning time and time again. It is what we do best!

Stay Connected 

The most important step in attaining and retaining success is staying connected to your customers. As consumer behaviour changes you need to nurture and grow your newly gained audience. Learn more about different demographics and place emphasis on one on one connections and building a strong community. Agile businesses respond with convenience and transparency. By taking the time to engage with their customers they are able to build customer loyalty and maintain growth.

Perfect Your Shopping Experience

Now is the time to remove any friction from your shopping experience. Confusing or disjointed buying journeys are the enemy of E-commerce. With businesses moving online and more customer touch points arising everyday, your marketing and sales funnel need to be seamless to compete. Aiding customers with a personalized discovery, purchase and post purchase experience is the best way to deliver a superior service. At Strive Digital we can ensure your site functionality, product pages and customer service will outperform all competition. Get in touch today to elevate your website and perfect your shopping experience.

Double Down

While it is important to stay agile, especially in times of crisis, if something is working you should stick with it. Doubling down on the aspects of your business that gained you new users will help earn their loyalty. You now have the chance to build the trust and confidence you have been able to win, by continuing to connect with customers digitally you can create a bond that will last beyond the pandemic. Continue to analyze, innovate and adapt to changes but remember that businesses that offer authenticity, convenience and shared values will thrive in the new normal. 

Our team have vast experience in creating secure and profitable e-commerce sites for a huge range of customers, but it all begins with a chat. Reach out today to stand out in the new normal.

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