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2020 introduced a lot of changes in regards to how we communicate online. In the pandemic video conferencing and sharing apps took centre stage, but 2021 has brought about a new type of social network. By now you may have heard of Clubhouse, the drop-in audio based app, where people from around the world can listen, talk and learn in real time. But you might be wondering how it works or if it’s worthwhile for you and your business? So here is our guide to the latest social media phenomenon, with some tips on how you can use it to grow your business.

Everything you need to know about Clubhouse


What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is an audio only app that allows members to listen to or actively participate in live discussions. Discussions are organised by rooms or topics and can be hosted or joined by anyone on the app. There is no visual content or private messaging and all conversations are live, so they cannot be saved or revisited on a later date. As of now Clubhouse remains in the beta phase and is only available to download on iOS devices. Joining is by invite only and each member has a limited amount of invites. While waiting for Clubhouse to go public, you can still download the app and secure a username ahead of its launch. 


How does it work? 


As an audio app, Clubhouse is completely stripped back. Users can only participate in discussions via voice notes, nothing is recorded, and there are no written comments. Unlike other conferencing apps, like Zoom or Houseparty there is no option for video. Video can often be a barrier to communication so when we take away the need to look presentable users are free to participate in conversation in any place at any time. In Clubhouse your voice is your instrument, the aim is to use it to provide value to other members. 


What are Rooms?


Rooms are created to allow users to share their knowledge and opinions about a subject at hand. Members can join and host rooms on anything from dating and relationships to politics and business. Conferences are never-ending and anyone can jump in at any time. Participants can be invited to speak or simply raise their hand if they wish to contribute. Rooms are controlled by moderators who queue speakers and can have as many as 5000 active listeners.


How do I get started?


Like all social media platforms, users start by creating a bio where they can add an image, description of themselves and link their other social media accounts. Recent updates also include the ability to follow other members and list your interests from a range of categories including; health and wellness, lifestyle, business, marketing etc. Private discussions can be hosted between followers, although most conversation takes place in established or newly created rooms.


Clubhouse is what you make it, if you want to use social media to grow your business and build your authority online, get in touch today. At Strive Digital we can help you achieve your marketing objectives with a personalized social media marketing strategy.


Benefits of Clubhouse for Businesses




Unlike the vanity metrics of other social media platforms, invites and followers on Clubhouse are a lot more tangible. If people are interested/ find value in what you have to say, they are a lot more likely to become customers or follow you elsewhere. The more rooms you join and the more you contribute, the more people will follow you. As your network grows you’ll be able to draw larger crowds to your own conferences.




There is a lot to be learned on Clubhouse, with expert speakers on every topic you can think of you are sure to pick up some great insights on your chosen field. For businesses, rooms can be a goldmine for knowledge and connections. Rooms have been hosted from everyone from Peng Joon to Draymond John to 21 Savage, so there is always something new to learn. Because there is no visual content on Clubhouse you can listen in on rooms like you would a podcast, passively picking up valuable tips and tricks. So whether you simply want to learn from a mentor, gather market research, or grow your customer base, Clubhouse rooms are a great way to achieve your business goals in a fun and interactive way. 


Build Connections 


Clubhouse is built on genuine engagement. While on other social platforms only people with a huge following have a voice, Clubhouse helps level the playing field so that it’s not about how many followers you have but what value you can provide. Everyone is empowered to use their voice and anyone can make connections. Real human interaction can be a powerful way to make lasting business connections and gain clients. Rooms operate in the same way a real life conference would, but rather than exchanging business cards interested parties can check out your social media accounts or be invited to a private discussion. Just remember to always include relevant links and keywords in your bio so that it can be easily found.


Clubhouse is a level playing field where anyone can take the stage and shine.No matter your industry, it can be a great place to gain support, forge partnerships and grow your customer base.The opportunities are endless when you use your voice to reach out to like minded individuals. 


If you want to be part of the conversation on Clubhouse, we can help you connect and deliver your message to your target audience. Get in touch today to start engaging with your potential customers, click here for a free estimate. 


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