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Our website design and build for the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) was particularly interesting due to the project’s tight time constraints paired with our team’s significant freedom in creative direction.

Through organisation, creativity, and fantastic inter-organisational cooperation, we were able to deliver the project on time and within budget, in time for a very important event.

A Four-Week Deadline!

One challenge that we met in this project was the four-week window that we had to complete the work after being awarded the government tender. The deadline was far more important than just an arbitrary date; the website had to be up and ready to coordinate with a big project launch event in London!

The OWGP has been established to promote growth in the UK offshore wind industry, a budding market in which Britain is a worldwide leader. The organisation helps companies in the industry to encourage and boost both productivity and competitiveness, ultimately increasing domestic sales and exports.

However, with the right level of organisation and commitment, both vital parts of the Strive Digital service, this isn’t a problem. Nonetheless, in order to meet the deadline, we had to come up with a strict and achievable step by step schedule to ensure a smooth delivery. This involved a sequence of milestones and sign-offs to make sure we could keep working while ensuring the client was satisfied.

A major reason why this project went so smoothly, finishing on time and on-budget, was the transparent and open communication channels between Ore Catapult and the Strive Digital team. This allowed questions and requirements to be addresses quickly on both sides, ensuring our significant resources could keep a steady uninterrupted pace.

Combining Designing and Building

The design and build of this project, although coming with its own challenges, was fun and exciting. The website was an extension of a new brand identity that had been created for OWGP, prior to our involvement. There wasn’t an OWGP visual identity so to speak, so we were able to help form that throughout the design process. ORE Catapult are viewed upon as being at the forefront of a fast-moving market, in renewable energy, and we were given licence to break free of the usual constrictions involved with typical government-backed projects. The result is a very dynamic visual style that will be rolled out on all future branded collateral.

It was also important to the client that the site was DDA compliant, making the website accessible to everyone regardless of disabilities such as visual impairment. This wasn’t a problem for our team, and all of the necessary features were implemented and functional for launch.

Opting for a simultaneous design and development method meant that the website was launched on time, and also thoroughly tested to ensure it was reliable while fulfilling all of the client’s requirements. The site played a vital role in the industry event in London for the launch of the OWGP programme. Not only did it represent the organisation, but it allowed those attending the conference to register their interest in the new growth and development programme.

In Summary

To summarise, our project for the OWGP required dedication and organisation, but both of these qualities play a pivotal role in all of the work that Strive Digital takes on. Having said that, there is no getting away from the fact that a four-week deadline is still tight and requires our entire team to be completely on it – a commitment we are more than happy to provide.

However, this website launch was in many ways a collaboration, and it proves how smoothly projects can go when clear and open channels of communication have been established between our team and the client. OWGP and Ore Catapult played a vital role by clearing up any queries that we had quickly, and vice versa, allowing us to power through our workload quickly and with confidence.

We have worked on a wide range of projects for both commercial and governmental projects, and this experience allows us to deliver projects that are not only tailored precisely for each individual client but are delivered within strict timeframes and set budgets.

If you need a new website designed for your business or organisation, get in touch with Strive Digital today by calling 0141 375 1180 or get in touch.

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